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Well they have a Deputy Speaker don’t they? Also hopping aboard the plane was the PM. That’s why parliament was adjourned early chooks. So the MPs could go to the airport to farewell the staff and the PM.

Rumour is once they departed to come back back that he ordered the whole island to contribute a minimum of 2 maroro for the visitor’s luggage as a pakau aroa. Good to be King nowadays especially when you are in the outer islands. Tourists flood off the large cruise boat on Saturday and into the Market with wads of yankee dollars which

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one vendor at the market refused to accept! Visitors lining up for waffles were advised by the waffle maker that US dollars were not acceptable! Is a visitor to trot all the way into city and trade the US dollars on the financial institution then trot all the way again simply to purchase a waffle? There’s cash to be produced from the straightforward “dollar for dollar” change as a end result of one yankee dollar is value about one dollar thirty cents in Kiwi forex.

Just say “No” and stay and fix the issues at residence. No-one’s going to miss them in the occasion that they don’t present up in

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Brussels, London, New York or Geneva. Another diplomatic boo boo chooks? PM had the selection of going to China for a State go to or to the UN for an essential well being assembly for Leaders. He opted for China and Health Minister Glassie is off to New York for the UN meeting. Seems the China State visit might be downgraded to something extra befitting our country’s size and status on the planet order.

How exhausting can it be to repair this problem? Workmen should go to the world, discover the pipes and examine what’s going on. Look on the precise problem as a substitute of theorizing what could also be wrong. Another precedent set by our Tourism CEO is that of getting a “pet” at work. Each Ministry CEO ought to now be encouraged to undertake a pet. Not permitted are as pets are Alligators, Snakes, Tarantulas, Gibbons, Chimps, Sharks, Pit Bull Terriers, Lions, Tigers, Polar Bears, Elephants or Rhinos.

Areai additionally says before he began his campaign, the CIP candidate was forward of the Demo candidate within the numbers sport however now he has joined the race, the contest is between him and the Demo man. Woe to the residents of Matavera and Kii Kii! Despite the very heavy rain last week which caused a lot flooding, residents turned their faucets on and lo, where was the water? How can it rain so closely and but there be no water in the pipes to brew a cup of Earl Grey Lemon Scented Tea?

All operators embrace the transport firm that ships the fuel north, the fuel suppliers who provide the plane gasoline and the government itself who impose levies. US$800 million to convert the Cook Islands to renewable energy? The population is less than 18,000 people!

Something might be arriving if the Tom, Toms are proper. How many religious sects are on the Rock chooks? There’s CICC, Catholics, SDA , Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witnesses, AOG, Apostolic, Corner Stone Church, Celebration on the Rock, New Life, New Hope, Holy Spirit Revival and maybe more.

Unless the reformists make some type of connection quickly, the very conservative silent majority won't vote for change. Pushing our visitor numbers up by another 50,000 to about one hundred fifty,000 per yr will deliver us near Tahiti the place their customer numbers are anticipated to be about a hundred and sixty,000. Tahiti with all its great points of interest is staying virtually at a standstill whereas we, with just about nothing great by comparability predict our customer numbers to rise.

It has been estimated that if the large volcano within the Canary Islands falls into the sea, the wave generated will be over 100 ft high when it reaches Trafalgar Square in London. Kiwi land is so much nearer to us. Now here’s a suggestion, all those that suppose a tsunami isn't any threat, you go on and rush right down to the sea side subsequent time but remember to take your surf board in case there's a wave, a 100 foot wave. Listen up chooks, word is USA President Barack Obama is to hold discussions within the Cook Islands with different Pacific Leaders because of the secure nature of the nation.

Depopulation will speed up and a whole new group of foreigners not used to doing any work at all, will swoop in-dole bludging Cook Islanders from Aussie and NZ. Next time the paddlers come, how about giving them their own “currency” for making purchases? On arrival at the airport, they swap their dolleros for a local Vaka Eiva forex. Whenever that paddler presents that “currency” retailers must give them a ten per cent low cost. Retailers later hand in the “currency” to government in trade for normal cash. That means we'll know exactly how a lot the paddlers spend.

Seems the guy left the car and went for a wander and both misplaced track of time or forgot concerning the Minister. The miracle tree, the Moringa tree now being grown in Mauke in an enormous method, will characteristic on the upcoming Trade Days chooks. The leaves are mentioned to be a robust supply of nutritional vitamins, minerals and other well being boosting parts. In truth the whole tree is a source of well being boosting chemical products. Forget the Nono tree chooks, the Moringa tree seems to have multi-million dollar indicators hooked up to it. Watch for goats, pigs and other people on Mauke to develop tremendous goat, pig and human talents.